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Private lessons are available for violin and piano for all ages.


Lessons consist of one on one instructions with each class carefully planned and created according to the student’s abilities.  Lessons are typically 30 minutes but do have 45 minutes and 60 minutes available for intermediate and advanced students. Whether you are interested in exams, recitals, competitions or just discovering a hobby, we are here for you and your goals. 

Beginners Class    (ages 3+)

Duet Class (ages 3-9 with one parent)

Intermediate and Advance 

  • Private lessons once a week 

  • Learn proper posture and way to hold the instrument 

  • Basic note reading and rhythm 

  • Will be put in group for group performances 

  • The parent and child learn in the same 30 or 45 minute block

  • Private lesson once a week

  • Learn proper posture and way to hold instrument 

  • Basic note reading and rhythm

  • Will play duets with each other 

  • Focus on technique, etudes and repertoire 

  •  Prepare for exam if wish

  • Will do duets with other students and group performances as well.

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