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Outdoor Events:


  • For outdoor events, adequate coverage MUST be provided from the cold, direct sunlight, wind and participation 

  • If such condition occurs, and no coverage is provided, MissC Productions reserves the right to NOT play and the full payment will be required



  • The full amount is required a week after the signing of the contract.

  • If the event is cancelled with more than a month notice, there will be a 50% refund. If the cancellation is within a month of the event, there will be NO refunds. 

  • We accept cash, cheque and E-Transfer 

  • If the event goes over time, we will charge to the nearest hour



  • We work with you to create your ideal and perfect soundtrack for your event therefore the rough draft of the song list must be discussed and given AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS BEFORE to ensure adequate time is enough for the players to compose the song in your requested ensemble and for the players to practice 

  • Our performance attire is either black or white. Other colors available upon request

Microphones/ Amplifiers:


  • Please let us know if microphones and amplifiers are required.

  • For groups of three and more, microphones will need to be provided.


Chairs/Other Equipments:


  • For solo instruments such as guitar, cello and for ensembles consisting of two or more players, we require chairs without arms.

  • We will bring our own music stands

Setup/Take Down


  • We will arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event 

  • In the case of a wedding, it is 30 min before the ceremony begins

  • We will play up to 15 min after the recession

Travel Fee


  • There is travel fee depending on where the event/wedding is located

  • Travel fee applies if the event/wedding is outside of LA county

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